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Word of the Day for Monday, December 5, 2011 December 5, 2011

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frondescence \fron-DES-uhns\, noun:

1. Leafage; foliage.
2. The process or period of putting forth leaves, as a tree, plant, or the like.

What we found were three hundred pristine, mostly level acres with a
forty-five-acre pond, completely undeveloped, covered with exquisite
wildflowers and frondescence.
— Paul Newman, In Pursuit of the Common Good
I now become aware of the sound of rumbling water, emanating from
somewhere inside the rain forest next to my tropical rest stop. I
approach the wet and abundant frondescence of the forest.
— Richard Wyatt, Fathers of Myth
Frondescence is from the Latin root frondēre meaning “to have leaves.”
It is clearly related to frond meaning “leaves.”


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