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Untitled January 27, 2012

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Word of the Day for Friday, January 27, 2012

conciliate \kuhn-SIL-ee-eyt\, verb:

1. To overcome the distrust or hostility of; placate; win over.
2. To win or gain (goodwill, regard, or favor).
3. To make compatible; reconcile.
4. To become agreeable or reconciled.

“Mrs. Dombey,” said Mr. Dombey, resuming as much as he could of his
arrogant composure, “you will not conciliate me, or turn me from any
purpose, by this course of conduct.”
— Charles Dickens, Dombey and Son
But this was sufficient, and served to conciliate the good will of the
natives, with whom our congeniality of sentiment on this point did
more towards inspiring a friendly feeling than anything else that
could have happened.
— Herman Melville, Typee
Conciliate comes from the Latin word conciliāre meaning “to bring
together.” It is related to the words council and calendar.

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